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    Hanwei Square, Fengtai District, Beijing, China.

  Wit3D technology can create dynamic stereovision of cultural relics and their surrounding geography, building real 3D models and preserving their history and heritage forever. When combined with 3D analysis, the vivid features, structures, and environments of these artifacts and sites can come to life on your computer or phone screen. 

  Wit3D can perform multiple angle photography of cultural relics with our inclined photography technique, creating a high-resolution 3D model to help repair cultural relics. Combining traditional relic repair methods with modern digital capabilities, Beijing’s Forbidden City utilized a 3D visual technique to simulate and manually repair a human face effigy. Our services have unlimited potential to preserve cultural heritage, including the ability to digitally store, search, index, and exhibit literature, images, audio, videos, and 3D data. Establish and update a multi-source database of relics in real time and form a ‘Permanent Storage’ digital file to provide a new application model of cultural heritage inheritance.

Dragon seal model