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3D Navigation Map Production

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     3D models can provide real position information of streets and buildings and form an accurate data foundation for vehicle positioning. Looking towards the future, autonomous vehicle technology will be one of the main avenues of vehicle development. As this kind of auto-driven technology is based largely on real 3D modeling data, this technology can significantly enhance the efficiency and safety of transportation systems¾an indispensable component of future smart transportation.


      Google has authorized third party companies to use large aircraft and helicopters to acquire data and launched urban real 3D maps in cities such as Mexico City, Melbourne, and Tokyo. Baidu Maps later published their own 3D real map, uploading real 3D models of Qinghui Garden, Huagui Garden and the Century Lotus Gymnasium for public enjoyment. Users can directly and smoothly view real models from their computers or devices, making 3D Internet maps a modern reality.