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Urban Demolition for Reconstruction

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      Adopt inclined photographing measurement techniques, use drones to collect multiple-angle photographs of the demolition region, and analyze ground-object surface texture and geometrical information to establish real 3D models of the demolition area with computer performance structure and texture recognition. Assess the current condition of the demolition area via digitalization and 3D virtualization. Attain the status of the demolition site, clearly show the building’s height, and calculate the quantities and households in the demolition region via real 3D modeling. This technology can completely show the building distribution range of the demolition region and assist in the decision-making process, helping create an effective demolition policy.

      Real 3D modeling techniques provide accurate first-hand data for government demolition decisions, preventing conflicts concerning the demolishing of illegal buildings in slums and therefore reducing the need for law enforcement and public funding. This technology can prevent illegal patrols of slums, reduce the need for outdoor labor, decrease labor costs for slum reconstruction, help make accurate decisions concerning illegal construction, provide critical working data for slum reconstruction, and reduce interpersonal conflicts.