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E-commerce Small Object Modeling

2018-04-28 13:47:11 Return>>

      Along with the e-commerce boom comes the demand for a way to accurately display large amounts of merchandise online. The current product exhibition method of specializing, personalizing and actualizing uses simple 2D photography. The merchandise information presented to the customer is not comprehensive, detailed, or lifelike, reducing the purchasing inclination and accuracy and making for a less than optimal online shopping experience.

      3D lightweight and visualized technology can display the merchandise stereoscopically and interactively on any webpage. Customers can shop for products in a comprehensive 360-degree view, allowing them to better know what they’re purchasing¾almost as if they’re looking at the object in person. For the merchandise in electronic malls, customers viewing the 3D model online can see the merchandise from diverse angles and examine fine details. Some of the merchandise can even be tried out virtually, resembling a lifelike trial experience and elevating market attention and sales.

      The technology can also create large, detailed 3D furniture models in an online 360-degree view. Customers can instantly customize furniture models with different materials or fabric layers, and even see the effect of the furniture in their home using their mobile devices.