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    Hanwei Square, Fengtai District, Beijing, China.

Wit3D 3D Modeling App

Product introduction

  Wit3D is a real 3D modeling phone app for the average smartphone user that offers a fascinating, impactful 3D visual experience. This software utilizes diverse angles of the phone’s camera to take photographs of objects, buildings, and people, creating a photo or video with a certain degree of overlapping. The app then automatically converts the photo or video into a real interactable 3D model via Wit3D software processing. The user can browse, edit, share, and interact with the real 3D model on their smartphone, and can also connect to an available 3D printer via the cloud to print the model. The app can be used by professionals as well as those with no technical background.

Functional features

  ·3D model creation through direct camera access
  ·Pleasant and approachable user interface
  ·Online sharing and browsing of other 3D models
  ·Personal 3D project smartphone management
  ·High speed image upload
  ·High speed download of 3D model after photographing and processing