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Wit3D Automatic Real 3D Modeling Integrated Machine

Product Introduction

     The Wit3D Automatic Real 3D Modeling Integrated Machine (Wit3D) is a domestic proprietary automatic real 3D modeling system.

      Our original patented technology revolutionizes the large-region inclined image 3D modeling software industry in China.

      The Wit3D system employs technologies such as advanced photogrammetry, computer vision, artificial intelligence, and Big Data calculation, creatively using them in developing large scene inclined image block adjustment, dense matching, curved surface reestablishment and optimization, seamless vein texture mapping, and more. The system revolutionizes the traditional real 3D modeling algorithm and achieves fully automatic 3D modeling of multi-machine/stand-alone super large region inclined images. It can complete millions of image reconstructions simultaneously with significantly higher processing efficiency than similar domestic and foreign software. The Wit3D system significantly reduces calculation time and cost, solving the fundamental industry challenges of slow speed and high cost of 3D modeling.


Product System

      Wit3D serial products include inclined modeling integrated machines, high efficiency inclined 3D modeling processing clusters, industry customization-oriented automatic 3D modeling processing, and more. All products can be customized according to the user’s requirements.

Figure 1  Wit3D serial products Product System


1.    Widespread Compatibility

      Our technology supports:
     (1)large-scale fixed-wing aircraft; manned helicopters; large, medium, or small-scale drones; street-view vehicles; handheld digital cameras and other photography platforms;
     (2)standard oblique cameras such as RCD30, UCO, SWDC5, and AMC580; conventional digital cameras such as Canon, Sony, and Nikon; ordinary smartphones and other cameras;
     (3)universally compatible format outputs of OBJ, OSGB, OSG, b3dm, etc. that make it easy to import to various major GIS application platforms, point cloud, model 3D browsing, measurements and editions; and
     (4)controlled point and non-controlled point block adjustment, POS and non-POS data block adjustment.
2.    High Processing Efficiency

     (1) Integrated software and hardware adopts structure design of multiple-core parallel high efficiency calculations, enabling large region inclined image processing (up to 1 million images simultaneously).
     (2)Single node processing ability exceeds 120 billion pixels (120GP) per day (original resolution 0.05 meters), making processing efficiency 5 times higher than similar software.
3.    Advanced Processing Algorithms

     (1)Original patented technology fills the gap in the large-region inclined image real 3D modeling software industry in China.



Figure 2  Kunming uav image processing effect

4、Complete Processing Function

   (1)Single adjustment supports more than three cameras and five models.
   (2)Features complete flow automatic processing functions such as aerial triangulation encryption, dense matching, curved surface reestablishment and optimization, 3D multiple-layer details (LOD) establishment, texture mapping, and more.


Figure 3  Multi-camera data processing simultaneously

5、Humanized Detailed Design

   (1) Supports customization and one-button 3D reestablishment and can achieve large-scale 3D reestablishment with no human input.
   (2)Can generate intermediate OBJ result files to facilitate import of third-party software for editing; OBJ files can be directly created to support LOD.
   (3)Features partial area parameter adjustment, generates 3D models twice, and optimizes model effect.
   (4)Is presented in a simple and approachable full Chinese interface.



Results the output
  • Aerial Triangulation Result

  • Dense Point Cloud

  • Digital Surface Model

  • 3D Modeling

major interface
  • Software major interface

  • Software major interface

  • 3D model exhibition effect of software

  • Large region aerial triangulation block adjustment

  • 3D model exhibition effect

  • 3D model exhibition effect