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3D Data Acquisition Drone

Product Introduction

  The WIT-1 type 3D data acquisition drone system is composed of ground station equipment and software, the AK1 flight control system, smart battery, etc. There are two versions: single-point and RTK, each featuring smart integrated design, fully automated task performance, accurate route control, and convenient operation.

· Aircraft body incorporates modular component design, quick tool-free assembly and disassembly, and super light EPO material, all while ensuring a stable structure.
· Smart integrated design supports portable hand-toss and altitude sensing takeoff, RTK and PPK systems, and a multiple redundancy and frequency GPS, while maintaining a 120-minute flying time and single-operator simplicity.
· Safety solutions include a double redundant GPS design, automatic parachute-opening in case of emergency, and real-time warnings of abnormal flight conditions.
· Aircraft body employs a static stability design, combines nonlinear drone control strategy, achieves accurate flight altitude and track control, and meets the accuracy requirements of large scale aerial surveys.


Technical Parameters